Payment Options

Payment options available

Payment options available

BCU Members have a number of payment options available to them with no hidden fees or charges.

Card payment at counter/over the telephone

Make a payment quickly and securely to your account with your Debit card, at our counter or over the phone.

Online Card Payment

Make a payment online via our website with your Debit Card to a credit union account.

Direct Debit

Members may give their Current Account details to pay insurances, utility bills and any other bills or expenses by direct debit.

Please note that it is important to contact the credit union before setting up a direct debit to confirm the correct IBAN to use.

Standing Order

Members may arrange a recurring payment from their bank to their credit union account by standing order to repay a loan or for savings. Set up a standing order online or fill out a form in office.

Electronic Transfers

Members may transfer money to their own bank account or to another bank account. Members may also transfer money from their bank account into their own credit union account.

Credit Transfers

Members may have money paid into their credit union account, such as wages, pension payments or social welfare payments.

Payroll Deduction

Members may save or repay a loan through a wage deduction. A number of local employers are signed up to this scheme. Forms are available in office.